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We are the leading IT Training center assuring the highest quality training

Tecswan stands out as a premier IT training center in Dubai, UAE, providing a diverse range of high-quality IT courses. Our offerings include KHDA and UK certified Award and certificate programs across various IT sectors.. With our expert teachers, we offer a blended learning approach that provides a superior online interactive and offline classroom learning experience. We provide an immersive learning experience by combining instructor-led instruction, self-paced learning, and individualized mentorship. We are one of the earliest UK-based certification institutions in Dubai. Our business offers the most effective training in Digital Marketing, Web Development and Python Training.  

about IT training institute Dubai about IT training institute Dubai

Looking to advance your career in digital marketing? Consider enrolling about Tecswan’s digital marketing course in Dubai! In each course, we have 120 hours of blended learning for the Award Program and 300 hours of blended learning for the Certification Program. Our Digital Marketing course provides you with a thorough overview and advanced knowledge of the eight most significant digital marketing areas, as well as real-world projects and virtual simulations to develop domain expertise. To prepare you for a career, you’ll be exposed to 40+ digital marketing technologies and considerable project experience. In addition to our digital marketing course in Dubai, we also offer a Web Development Course to help you learn the most up-to-date web development tools and methods, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and other languages. Learn how to create successful and attractive websites using the most up-to-date web development tools and methods with the Web Development Course. Develop using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and other languages to gain expertise with the best training center in Dubai.

Digital marketing courses in Dubai are becoming increasingly relevant and popular as businesses focus more on digital marketing strategies to reach their target audiences. With several reputable institutions offering a range of courses, individuals looking to enhance their digital marketing knowledge and skills have several options to choose from.

The United Group of Initiatives (UGI), situated in the United Arab Emirates, is the parent company of Tecswan Training Institute in Dubai. UGI is a consortium of leading companies from sectors including Education, IT, Automotive, Construction, Tourism, Luxury Brand and much more spread across an arena of five Nations and still expanding. It was founded with the purpose of bringing firms from many industries together to support a shared cause while building a pioneering business network focused on unprecedented company success. UGI holds under it a multitude of companies, each designated to their own unique task, which provide different services to varying consumers from personal to corporate needs. 

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One of the Leading IT training providers in Dubai

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Our values strongly focus on doing right by the consumer, to always provide the highest quality services and to never compromise on the consumer experience. We take our core values very seriously and are fully committed to upholding them under any and all circumstances.

Our vision is to make our services more accessible to consumers from all around the world, and not be restricted by the shackles of geography. We want to be ubiquitous in the world, and be the staple for high quality education, and serve millions of people regardless of where they live.

Our mission is to increase accessibility to high quality services for consumers all around the world, to help people increase their skill set in order to be more desirable to companies that they apply for and to enter the market more prepared to handle professional jobs that might need them to apply their skills in a variety of situations.

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A collective group of experts focused on Intelligent Business Augmentation along with creative and results-driven solutions for your brand or for your business.



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Cyber Woodz

We provide engaging and customer-friendly digital solutions to make your business.


Focuz Academy

Focuz Academy is a Superchild of a giant education entity, Brillianz Education Group based in UAE. Focuz is now launched in Kerala, India



Center for IT Research and Development that provides quality UK certification, award, and degree programs in different IT fields.



Scholium offers experienced expertise that guides scholars on their path of research. We specialize in assisting graduate, post graduate students at every step of their scholastic journey.


Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.

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